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Each time I make a piece of art, I look to my daily life, its questions, need, function, warmth, friendships and whole living to help me see what next I might say with art. To touch another's thought through my work is very important to how I perceive my life. The objects I use, the land that I see or walk become an integral part of what informs my work and reaches out to the viewer. I make a few pieces of art each year because each takes thought and time. The web site is an ongoing, ever-changing place just like my studio. Enjoy.



"Blue Iris Night"  acrylic on canvas  2014

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"When the Arnica Rests"  acrylic on canvas   2014

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"Crossing Boundaries"

graphite, acrylic on canvas 2017

Blue Iris Night


When the waving blue iris rests, the floating

Clouds billow at the slightest wind,

Like white sheets on a homestead line, marching

To the tune of a working pink Monday.


When the petalled yellow arnica bows low, the sorrowful

Wind sighs and the green land flows away,

Like turquoise waves in a seaward tide, chanting

To the tune of a hymnal Sunday.


When the furled iris and the curled arnica meet

In the blue night, they unite in the green field

Like purple sentinels against pillow clouds, standing

In tune with wind, grass and sky from Monday to next Sunday.


When the night steals over the land, the silent animals

Tuck their tails against the cold, the birds on wing fold and

Nest, the cool water curves, ever dipping and each resting

Head closes unto itself in the peace of a blue iris night.


Marie Scott



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acrylic on canvas 2015

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"Dahlia, Last Autumn Call"

graphite, acrylic on canvas 2015

"When a Bird Sits in the Light"

graphite, acrylic on canvas 2015

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"Forest Play, Early Morning"

oil on canvas 2016-2017

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